Our firm has invested in cutting-edge technology with the Q-Law system and offers around-the-clock call center ability, allowing us to provide the ultimate in collection abilities to creditors. In this time of difficult economic uncertainty, it is critical that creditors engage those firms that have the unique ability to collect the uncollectible debt. Further, our skip tracing and forensic investigations are unmatched by any other entity in the country. It is this dedication that allows us to give the kind of prompt and efficient service that our clients have come to expect.



  • Q-Law – One of the most advanced case management system in the country, Q-Law enables our firm to track claims throughout the litigation with real-time capabilities.
  • PC Law – Another legal software program that we use for all of our hourly billing clients. It also has reporting, billing, trust accounting, and diary features.
  • Electronic Complaint and Motion Filing – We were among the first law firms certified to file documents with the State of NJ.
  • Electronic Filing – Online filing for bankruptcy, proof of claims, relief motions and adversary actions. We are approved for electronic filing with the State of New Jersey and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.
  • Around-the-Clock Access – We offer the ability to communicate with our team at any time of the day
  • Call Center Capability – for improved performance and productivity
  • Skip Tracing & Fraud – Used to collect debtor information, the data is analyzed and verified to help properly process a client recovery matter. Our firm adheres to all regulatory guidelines, including The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  • Forensic Investigations – A cornerstone of our practice specialty, we maintain real-time access to data sources that allow us to track and locate debtors both nationally and internationally. We subscribe to a variety of asset and search data which allows investigations to be cross-referenced to verify and locate assets.