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Get Out of Town! Americans Suffer from Vacation Deficit Disorder

Posted on May 31, 2011 by Saldutti

Americans work 100 more hours per year than the Japanese. We’re also the only country in the world that doesn’t require paid vacation leave. In his book, Work to Live:  The Guide to Getting a Life, Joe Robinson says that most of us suffer from “vacation deficit disorder.”  Ever since the early 80s, a false sense of urgency has loomed over American workers — creating “a world with no boundaries,” he tells Psychology Today.  Combine that with the fact that more of us are doing multiple jobs since the recession, and there’s a high burnout factor. To medicate this, vacation is necessary….

Uptick in Corporate Fraud – Protect Your Business

Posted on May 24, 2011 by Saldutti

When it comes to survival, corporate fraud seems to be as invincible as the cockroach. Despite increased legislative attention focused on putting a stop to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, kickbacks, and the like, a report released this week suggests that those activities are still very much on the rise. According to the “Quarterly Corporate Fraud Index,” put out by The Network, Inc., and BDO Consulting, employee reports of corporate fraud have nearly doubled since the inception of the index in 2005. There were 6,100 reports of fraud-related incidents in the first quarter of this year, compared to 2,500 reports…


Posted on May 17, 2011 by Saldutti

Saldutti Law, LLC is pleased to be the first successful creditor firm in the state to petition the Chancery Division Court in Atlantic County for a receiver to take over and sell various condos that were in the foreclosure process.  The firm recently represented an Atlantic City condo association which was facing a high volume of foreclosures.  The firm petitioned the court to allow the condos to be listed and sold prior to foreclosure completion.  The judge ruled in favor of the condo association, citing the preservation of the property.  This significant victory will enable the condo associations to obtain…


Posted on May 10, 2011 by Saldutti

Consumer spending habits are sure to be affected by rising food and gas costs. A report by Citi’s Jeff Black gives us the breakdown of spending habits of various income groups across America in 2009.  For example, households with an annual average income of over $150,000 spent about 83% of their income and expenditures on gas and motor oil made up about 2.6% of their overall expenses.  For those at the lower end, spending on gasoline is much higher. Income group: Less than $70,000 Average annual expenditure: $33,810 (including households that make as little as $0/year). This income group spends a…

Facts To Consider Before Buying a Home

Posted on May 03, 2011 by Saldutti

Has the U.S. housing market reached a “bottom” yet?  Are home prices going to start recovering?  Is the housing crisis going to end at some point?  Today there are millions of American families that would like to buy homes but are not sure what to do.  After all, nobody wants to end up like the poor souls who bought at the top of the market and now owe far more on their mortgages then their homes are worth.  People are also afraid to take out home loans right now.  So should you buy a home in 2011?  The reality is that there are a…