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Get to Know Us – The Good Debt Collectors

Posted on August 19, 2010 by Saldutti

When times are tough there are always certain companies that thrive based on their business model.  From discount retailers to fast food restaurants, health care firms to tobacco companies, some businesses are riding out the financial storm in good shape.  Another sector that is usually over looked is the debt collection business. During the recession, debt collection firms were in high demand as the default percentage on loans surged. Initially it was more difficult for firms to collect but now that the U.S. is slowly showing signs of a recovery, collection rates are improving.  Hence, the account receivables industry is…

Debt: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Posted on August 10, 2010 by Saldutti

In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to live debt-free.  From homes to education, cars to vacations, clothing to appliances – the amount of personal debt in this country is ever-increasing.  As a country, Americans tend to spend more than we can afford.  According to, the average U.S. household carries nearly a $10,700 balance on their credit cards.  In addition, personal bankruptcies are at an all-time high. No matter how we try, most of us can’t avoid debt entirely.  It’s not wise to deplete cash reserves should an emergency ever arise.  The challenge is learning how to judge…

The Do Not Call List & Debt Collectors

Posted on August 04, 2010 by Saldutti

Consumers have sent a clear signal that they don’t want those pesky dinner-time calls.  Some 200 million phone numbers have been added to the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry since the blocking service was launched seven years ago, according to the agency. Recently, there has been a sharp rise in complaints about calls from debt collectors, even though the consumer is listed on the Do Not Call Registry.  Unfortunately, these people end up thinking the law isn’t working – but that’s not the case.  The National Do Not Call Registry was created to stop calls from telemarketers. The…